Press Release: Album Launch

Drought on Mars, a 5-piece alternative rock band from Bridgnorth will be releasing their debut album this coming Friday. The members, Vicky Kempner (15), Ben Kempner (17), Hamish Brown (17), Oscar Lye (17) and Jai Breese (17), have been performing together since 2015.

The 7-track album, which was recorded and produced independently in homes across Bridgnorth, is an eclectic mix of alternative and progressive rock infused tracks.

Work started when independent producer Dan Bradley, who has worked with local acts and artists such as Thomson Oldeman and Claire L Shaw, approached the 5-piece back in September 2016 about working on an EP. What began soon after was a 332 day project from start to completion to turn 7 original compositions, some dating back to 2014 when Ben Kempner, who was 14 at time, wrote ‘Hearts of Snow’.

Dan Bradley, Drought on Mars’ producer, explains ‘The lyrical themes across the album vary from track to track, with much of the lyrical content have a personal meaning to the writers. We have worked to develop a signature vocal sound that immerses the listener in the story telling, with catchy melodies in each. Each track is different, from fierce guitars to a laid back acoustic feel in others, so there’s something for everyone’.

Called ‘Autumn Leaves’, the debut album will be available to stream for free on Spotify and all other major streaming providers, is also available on online music stores and also the official website,


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