Autumn Leaves

August 25, 2017
Drought on Mars
Producer: Dan Bradley

Autumn Leaves is the debut album from Drought on Mars, a 5-piece alternative / progressive rock band from the town of Bridgnorth.

Independently recorded and released with Bridgnorth based producer Dan Bradley, this 7-track collective has emerged out of a synergy of influences and songwriting styles that each member possesses. The compilation exposes the listener to great vocal hooks, punchy guitars, well-articulated bass lines and eases them gently into a few heavier rock numbers. Ten months after production began, their debut album ‘Autumn Leaves’ was born late August 2017.

Throughout the album, it’s easy for listeners to make a link between the more progressive influences of Pink Floyd and the Beatles, while other songs echo the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Paramore, emulating the sound of alternative pop-rock bands, but with power and aggression inspired by bands such as Nirvana and Queens of The Stone Age.

This contrast in dynamics is prevalent throughout, with each song taking influences from different musical styles, embracing a huge repertoire of music both past and present. A defiance to bring a fresh dimension to the alternative rock scene.

With elements of jazz, metal and progressive rock present throughout, this flavour lays the foundation of not only the album but also for what is to come, with many of the key songwriters now hard at work writing a sequel.